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Author, Darla Hall grew up in a small town. She went to Belle Union Elementary and South Putnam High School. She loved playing sports, but she had to overcome being the smallest one in every team she played on. When she played softball, the opposing team would move in to the infield when she got up to bat. She would then blast it over their heads earning her childhood nickname, “Mighty Mo.” She worked for several companies winning awards for her marketing and advertising savvy. 


Hall started In the Sports Zone in 2011 as a gift for a little boy who was struck by a car. He has completely recovered and she grew her company to include 200+ teams. Hall sold $1.4M in activity books by cold calling and working with the licensing teams. She learned everything from scratch and cashed in her 401K to get started. She grew her line to 200+ teams and had licensing for NCAA, NFL, NBA, and MLB. She donated thousands of books to children in hospitals and got to know the kids. Her heart was leading her to do something bigger and better for these kids who were battling illnesses. Witty Publications was established in 2020 to create activity books to put smiles on kids’ faces around the world. 


Someone told Hall that she needed to bottle up her energy and sell it, therefore she did. She wrote a book titled, “Matters of a Positive Mindset Workbook & Action Guide.” This book tells her story, while challenging the reader to answer questions and take actions to improve their mindset. 


Hall is available for public speaking and corporate workshops for any size crowd.  She gets the audience energized so they can throw their own touchdowns! 


Please read and share her blogs. Follow her on social media. 

To find out more about QB Darla’s public speaking and to see video clips, please visit www.QBDarla.com or call Darla at 1-205-383-7005.

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